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Outpatient Rehab Cape Town

Private Counselling

"I believe that the majority of individuals suffering from the illness of addiction have the capacity for recovery, if given the proper foundation to begin their life-changing journey We help provide that foundation"
- Justin Villiers (Director)

Private Addiction Counselling

for Drug, Alcohol and all other addictions


Over many years, Justin has confidentially, counselled and coached many recovering addicts.

So often we still need continued support, as day to day issues still arise in recovery. Life on life’s terms is not always a walk in the park.

So individual sessions, can be arranged at your convenience.

Justin will work side by side with you, building a unique relationship of trust, confidence and will be there for you anytime, when you need him, 24/7.

Today love and forgive.
That’s all you need to do, one day at a time

If you need more help in how to work the 12 Step programme, or seem to be stuck and not sure where to go, this is how individually counselling with help you. Many issues will arise on a day to day basis; some will be easier than other to deal with.