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Family Programme

"I believe that the majority of individuals suffering from the illness of addiction have the capacity for recovery, if given the proper foundation to begin their life-changing journey We help provide that foundation"
- Justin Villiers (Director)

Family Support and Counselling

for Families of Addicts


Addiction in any form is a family illness and therefore we understand that you, as a family member, have suffered as much and sometimes more than the alcoholic or addict. The disease affects the family in strange and diverse ways and often the family is torn apart by the unpredictable behaviour of the addict. Our experience is that the informed family members, working their own recovery program, greatly enhance the overall outcome.

Most people have tried many different means to control the alcoholic/addict but are usually just left feeling angry, exhausted, lonely and depressed. Sharing these feelings, coupled with a deeper understanding of the disease, is the beginning of the recovery process for the family member.

For this reason, we offer a family program, which highlights the disease of addiction and the effects it has on the family. It offers to help create constructive ways of learning to live in harmony with the problem.

When you feel unloved, give love away.
It will come back to you.

This program supports family members, to help them identify their patterns of co-dependent behavior, as well as the “roles” each family member play in the addict's life. Through counselling, families learn more productive and supportive ways to interact, so they can respond with appropriate love and care to the recovering family member.

It is important that family members/partners know how to react when confronted with the unpleasant fact that the family member is using drugs/alcohol. It is easy to overreact and make the situation worse by flying into a rage. However, my experience with addiction has taught me that most addicts do not respond favorably to this behavior and that in many cases it serves only to deepen their feelings of guilt and resentment, making them more defensive.

Make sure you get the support needed.
The support you deserve!