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Outpatient Rehab Cape Town

Addiction Day Treatment Programme

"I believe that the majority of individuals suffering from the illness of addiction have the capacity for recovery, if given the proper foundation to begin their life-changing journey We help provide that foundation"
- Justin Villiers (Director)

Rehab / Addiction Treatment Day Programme

In addition to offering our 8/12 week drug and alcohol addiction rehab Cape Town outpatient programme, we also offer a day patient treatment programme to its complement of treatment services.


The addiction day treatment rehab programme is an outpatient form of rehabilitation treatment offered to addicted individuals who need to establish a pattern of recovery in their lives. It is appropriate for persons who are physically and emotionally stable enough to receive treatment during the day and return to their homes during the evening. These are patients who need the benefit of a full day of structured therapeutic activities to establish a recovery pattern.

At the Outpatient rehab we provide clients an opportunity to focus on recovery with minimal distraction and teach clients how to identify and express feelings, process emotions, to develop coping and problem solving skills, to find solutions and to ask for help. In short, laying the foundation for lasting recovery.

When you feel unloved, give love away.
It will come back to you.

The day patient programme allows participants to continue their professional careers while receiving the necessary treatment to live a productive life, free from drug and alcohol dependence, eating disorders, gambling and other obsessive compulsive disorders. Structured over an 8/12 week period, the program is designed to identify and address emotional and behavioural obstacles to recovery and sobriety in a safe and private environment.

This programme is personalized to the needs of each individual we work with, it teaches individuals how to integrate recovery knowledge into daily life, and helps establish an aftercare plan to help maintain long-term “recovery” in daily life.