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Addictions In The Workplace

"I believe that the majority of individuals suffering from the illness of addiction have the capacity for recovery, if given the proper foundation to begin their life-changing journey We help provide that foundation"
- Justin Villiers (Director)

Understanding Addiction in the Workplace / Workshops / Seminars

We offer professional assessments, treatment and referrals by a qualified addictions counsellor; Understanding addiction and providing companies with education and information on addiction in the workplace; and we also cover a wide range of addiction-related subjects.

Our aim is to provide a deep understanding of addictions in the workplace and their implications. We offer a variety of services aimed at helping companies and organisations. This includes placement in a suitable addiction rehab in Cape Town.

Is “minding your own business” costing your business?

Ignoring an employee's alcohol, drug or gambling problem is a cost to your organisation.

Substance abuse in the workplace is a serious liability for your business. Some of the problems that arise are:
  • Increased absenteeism
  • Increased staff turnover
  • Increased accidents
  • Decreased productivity

Employers are becoming increasingly concerned and aware of the adverse impact that substance abuse can have on the overall efficiency of their organisations. The heightened awareness of substance abuse is reflected in a real and growing concern for health, safety and environmental problems caused by impaired employees.

Know your limits. There is nothing more freeing, or more motivating, than knowing what you can or cannot do well.

Drug-Using Employees Are:
  • More likely to leave work early or request time off
  • More likely to have absences
  • More likely to be late for work

Other costs associated with employees' substance abuse include employee theft and fraud, accidents, legal expenses, insurance claims, staff turnover and more.

A Drug-Free Workplace Can Increase:
  • Staff morale
  • Employee motivation
  • Productivity
  • Customer/client satisfaction
There are several useful components to create a drug-free workplace and some of these components are:
  • A drug-free policy
  • A statement of the purpose and objectives of the programme
  • A definition of alcohol and drug abuse
  • A statement of the rights of the employee's confidentiality
  • Provisions for assisting substance abuse
  • An outline of procedures to follow with substance abusers.

We offer various workshops and seminars in the workplace.

We offer management/supervisor understanding of addiction, which helps identify and deal with employees who have drug/alcohol abuse related problems. It is not the job of the supervisors/management to counsel or diagnose employees' problems.

But does include:
  • Signs and symptoms of addiction
  • Drugs of abuse and their effects on work performance
  • Procedures for assistance and support
  • Understanding the disease of addiction
  • Referral and placement in suitable addiction treatment centre
Employee Education provides information on:
  • The nature of alcohol and drug abuse
  • Addiction's impact on work performance, health, personal and family life
  • Signs and symptoms of addiction
  • Procedure to access confidential assistance.