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"I believe that the majority of individuals suffering from the illness of addiction have the capacity for recovery, if given the proper foundation to begin their life-changing journey We help provide that foundation"
- Justin Villiers (Director)

Addiction treatment / Drug rehab / Alcohol addiction / Cape Town

Cape Town addiction treatment rehab centre is an outpatient program which offers treatment for drug abuse, alcohol addiction, gambling addicts and all other addictive illness. We are based on the Southern Peninsula of Cape Town. There are so many drug rehabs and addiction treatment centres in Cape Town why chose an outpatient program?

Perhaps you have attended an addiction treatment rehab centre in Cape Town and still feel the need for continued support. Some of us have been into an alcohol rehab, drug rehab in Cape Town and one month has not been sufficient. So this is where we can help.

We provide an 8/12 week outpatient program, which you can attend either evenings or daytime groups, attendance is three time a week. This is a drug addiction and alcohol treatment program for those who are unable to attend an inpatient addiction rehab centre in Cape Town and at a substantially lower cost. It is set in a safe and nurturing environment where the process of healing can begin


There are several types of outpatient addiction treatment programmes we offer. We also have group or individual counselling for families and partners, to help understand how to support their loved one and the effects of living with an addict. There is further individual counselling if you have been into a drug, alcohol rehab centre in Cape Town and still need continued support or you are feeling stuck. Learning to live “life in recovery” is not easy, but with the right guidance and counselling, anything is achievable.

Other services we can offer:
Looking for an inpatient addiction rehab centre in Cape Town we can refer you and help you find the right addiction clinic. This is a free service.

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