Cape Town Drug Rehab Outpatient Centre
"I believe that the majority of
individuals suffering from the illness
of addiction have the capacity for
recovery, if given the proper
foundation to begin their
life-changing journey

We help provide that

Justin Villiers - Director
Rehab addiction centres Cape Town  

When you see something broken,
fix it. You are capable.

Addiction treatment centres Cape Town

Cape Town Drug Rehabs for all addictions

Finding an inpatient addiction rehab centre or drug rehab, alcohol treatment or any other addictions, like eating disorders, gambling addiction and sex addiction in Cape Town can be a mammoth task at a time of crisis. There are so many addiction treatment rehab centres in Cape Town to choose from. Where do you start?

So whether you are looking for an inpatient addiction rehab centre in Cape Town, drug rehab in Cape Town or any addiction treatment Cape Town, we will help and support you in finding the most affordable and cost affective inpatient addiction rehab treatment for your budget and needs. This is a free service.

We are not linked to any individual addiction treatment centre and there is NO FEE to you for my professional experience.

We know all the different types of addiction rehab treatment inpatient programmes and have gained first- hand knowledge of the quality of alcohol and drug rehab treatment services in Cape Town. With my vast knowledge, empathy and understanding he will give you the right and appropriate addiction rehab treatment in Cape Town referral, based on the type of addiction program for your needs, eliminating the risk of you making a costly uninformed decision.


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